Customs Clearance for Australia Post Parcels

What to do with your First Notice from Australia Post?

You have received a First Notice from Australia Post because an international mail parcel is addressed to you and it has a declared or has an assessed value of over A$1,000.

Goods with a value exceeding A$1,000 must be cleared by a import declaration submitted to Customs and Border Protection . The declaration will be assessed for Duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) . You will need to lodge an import declaration and pay the calculated amounts before your parcel will be delivered to you.

How do I make an import declaration?
You may lodge an import declaration in the following ways
  • Engage the services of a licensed Customs broker to lodge an import declaration on your behalf.
  • Customs brokers can be located in the local phone directories or by searching the internet.
  •  Complete an import declaration yourself  and email, mail, or fax  to the Customs and Border Protection OR
  • Let us do it for you, we will save you time and money $$$

Fast Customs Clearance For Australia Post Parcels