Australia Post Customs Broker | Parcel Post Clearances Services

How Much Does the does it Cost?     clearance costs

  1. Any applicable Customs Duty and/or GST
  2. In most cases duty is calculated at 5% of the value of your goods and GST at 10% of the Value of the Taxable Import.
  3. Our service fee $139.00 + gst 
Quarantine Fees
Quarantine does not charge any fees for inspection of Parcels Post consignments, only when treatment is required.
Additional Quarantine fees will only arise if your imported goods are determined by Quarantine to require further treatment.
Quarantine treatment is not usually necessary. 

Our service charge
Includes up to 5 different product line classifications.
 Excess additional product line classifications are $7.50 per line.
Credit Card Processing Surcharge applies