Alcoholic beverages or tobacco products

Customs clearance requirements for alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products

If you have purchased or are planning to import alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products from overseas by mail with a value of AUD 1000.00 or less - you will need to pay duty & taxes upon their arrival.

It is important to be careful when purchasing these kind of products online – as even Australian based companies can ship their stock directly from overseas to you. Therefore, making you liable for any import taxes applicable when they enter the country.

When your goods arrive into Australia, the Australian Border Force will send you an invoice for duty and taxes payable This will need to be paid before your goods are released from customs and delivered.

If the goods have a value of over AUD 1000.00, then you must lodge an Import Declaration

If you choose to not pay the import taxes applicable on alcohol products within 30 days of receiving the payment advice from Australia Customs the goods may be returned to sender.

If you choose to not pay the import taxes on tobacco or tobacco products within 30 days of the receiving invoice from Australia Customs the goods may be treated as abandoned and will be destroyed. Tobacco or tobacco products cannot be returned to sender.

Parcel Enquiries

Australia Post is the carrier of international mail and has sole responsibility for delivery of your postal article. For questions regarding the delivery of your parcel you must contact Australia Post on ph 13 13 18.