What to do with your First Notice from Australia Post

You have received a First Notice from Australia Post because an international mail parcel is addressed to you and it has a declared or has an assessed value of over A$1,000

Goods with a value exceeding A$1,000 must be cleared by a import declaration submitted to Customs and Border Protection .The declaration will be assessed for Duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) . You will need to lodge an import declaration and pay the calculated amounts before your parcel will be delivered to you. 

Australia Post Customs Clearance LockersHow do I make an import declaration?

You may lodge an import declaration in the following ways
  • Engage the services of a licensed Customs broker to lodge an import declaration on your behalf.
  • Customs brokers can be located in the local phone directories or by searching the internet.
  •  Complete an import declaration yourself  and email, mail, or fax  to the Customs and Border Protection OR
  • Let us do it for you, we will save you time and money $$$

Customs Clearance Services

The Australian Customs and Quarantine formalities for the customs clearance of imports are highly regulated in Australia. The correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not fulfilled.

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Our clearance services are professional, reliable and competitively priced, we provideAustralia wide service. We always ensure the correct customs clearance documentation is completed and the correct importing and exporting procedures followed to maximize prompt cargo deliveries and minimise potential clearance delays.

Fast Customs Clearance for Australia Post Parcels