Import Tax Australia

  • Import Tax Australia

    How is import tax or  duty calculated in Australia

    import Tax or import duty

    The import duty /tax is based on 5% of the value of your goods converted to Australian dollars. To calculate the Good & service tax on imported goods, add the value of the goods in Australian dollars, plus freight, insurances and the import duty.
    The 10% Good & service tax is calculated on this total or just click here to use our Customs Duty & Import Tax Calculator

    Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products imported by post

    if you import alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products by mail with a value of AUD1000 or less, the Australian Border Force we will send you an invoice advising the duty and taxes payable. You need to pay this invoice before your goods will be delivered to you.

    If the goods have a value of over AUD1000 you must lodge an Import Declaration.

    If you choose not to pay for the duty and GST on the alcohol products within 30 days of the payment advice issued by customs, the goods may be returned to sender.
    If you choose not to pay the duty and taxes on the tobacco or tobacco products within 30 days of the invoice, the goods will be treated as abandoned and will be destroyed.
    Tobacco or tobacco products cannot be returned to sender.

    One parcel for multiple people imported by post
    If a parcel addressed to you contains goods or packages for other people (such as your friends or relatives) and the parcel has a declared or assessed value of more than AUD1000, you will need to lodge an Import Declaration. Duty, taxes and charges, where applicable, are payable for all the goods in that parcel.
    Customs law does not permit a parcel to be split or broken down into separate items for assessment, even when the items were imported for other people.
    Goods valued over AUD1000

    If the goods you have imported have a declared or assessed value of over AUD1000

    You will be sent a First Notice by Australia Post advising that you will need to lodge an Import Declaration with the Australian Border for the goods.
    your Import Declaration will be assessed for duty and taxes, you will need to pay duty & taxes amount before your goods can be delivered.
    Goods with a value over AUD1000 are unable to be to be delivered by Australia Post unless an Import Declaration is made and any duty, taxes and charges owing are paid in full .
    If you take no action within 30 to 45 days of receiving a First Notice then Australia Post may return the goods to the sender (excluding tobacco and tobacco products).