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    online shopping

    Things you buy over the internet will have the same rules, duties and screening processes applied as any other import.

    What you need to know

    • There are generally no import taxes on goods with a value of AUD 1000.00 or less. However, From 1 July 2018 – the Goods and Services Tax (GST) may be collected by certain overseas suppliers. The GST will be charged at the point of sale upon purchasing the goods.
    • Fo0r goods valued at AUD 1000.00 or more you will require to arrange an import declaration and pay any applicable import taxes and charges.
    • Duties and taxes are applicable on some items (alcohol, tobacco) regardless of their value.
    • Certain types of goods are not allowed to be brought into Australia, or may need special permits.

    Goods with a value of AUD 1000.00 or less

    The value of the goods and how they arrive into Australia are important factors in regards to the service you will require from us:

    • Where goods are valued at A$1000.00 or less they are generally of no interest to Customs and Border Protection and should be delivered by Australia Post to the address on the postal article.
    • Australia Post has sole responsibility for delivery of your postal article. Any enquiries about tracking your postal items or the status of the delivery must be directed to Australia Post on 13 76 78.

    Should you require Customs Clearance of your parcel – please contact our friendly staff for further advice.
    Goods (excluding tobacco, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) with a value of AUD 1000.00 or less are referred to as low value imports.
    From 1 July 2018 the GST may apply to these goods when imported from overseas. The GST will be charged at the point of sale upon purchasing the goods.

    Goods with a value of over AUD 1000.00

    If you import goods valued at AUD 1000.00 or more an import declaration is required. The Import Declaration provides Customs with information about the goods you are importing.
    There is a processing charge for making an Import Declaration and import taxes are generally applicable on all shipments valued at over AUD 1000.00.
    You may decide to use the services of a licensed customs broker to help expediate your clearance. We highly recommend using a licensed broker to ensure you receive you good as quickly as possible.

    Customs duty refunds and drawbacks

    In certain circumstances, the legislation allows for refunds or drawbacks of duty paid, however these are very specific situations and you will not qualify if you:

    • change your mind
    • they don’t fit
    • you do not like them

    Australian Online Stores

    Even when purchasing goods on an Australian online store, goods can be shipped to you from an overseas country – import duty and GST will still apply on these purchases.

    Gas and electrical goods

    Gas and electrical goods that do not meet Australian safety and technical standards can pose a serious risk to consumers, it is important to always check with Standards Australia or a similar authority to ensure your goods are up to standard.

    Pirated and counterfeit goods

    In some cases, Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will seize imported pirated and counterfeit goods. Importing and selling counterfeit goods is illegal and can result in prosecution.